• About the Company .
  • About the Company .

About the Company

Corporate mission and vision.

Tomorrow begins today. The construction industry makes it possible to create a new reality which is a space for achieving a personal success.  Muniak Sverige AB develops in the area of the commercial, residential and logistics construction projects. During the first 11 years of our operation in the Swedish market, we acquired an immense expertise and experience which contribute to the efficiency our new contracts. We plan each contract on an individual basis and we contribute our professional knowledge and advice to the construction project already during its design stage. To carry out a project, we only use proven solutions and products while constantly monitoring their efficiency.
The greatest asset of our company are people. Their reliability, hard work and involvement contribute to the quality of even the most complicated works.  Our young and highly qualified managerial staff guarantees the high quality of workmanship and the open-minded attitude, resulting in a flexible approach to the project. We are constantly taking care of the development of our employee's qualifications because we believe that trusted people are the foundation on which we can build our company and our success.  We take care of the quality of their work as well as of the proper conditions and the system of incentives. All this allows us to build on time, within the budget and above the standards.

Structure of Our Company

Muniak Sverige AB is a part of Muniak, an international construction company operating in the European market for more than 25 years.  These are two daughter companies which are dynamically managed from Warsaw and Stockholm.
We collaborate with our vendors on a regular basis and therefore we can arrange punctual deliveries of larger or smaller stocks, along with attractive prices.   We take an open-minded approach towards every project and its material and work planning requirements.  Entrust your project to us and be sure that the construction is in good hands.

Quality Policy

  • Safety .
    The human life and health are most valuable. The effort that we jointly take with our employees every day makes their workplace safer. We observe safety rules and standards and we immediately eliminate each potential hazard.
  • Environment .
    Muniak Sverige AB is a team of people who have recognized the care for the natural environment to be the must-have element of the corporate policy. We respect the world that surrounds us and therefore we build so as to minimise the negative impact of the human activity.
  • Quality .
    Top construction quality - this is the motto we follow every day. At Muniak Sverige AB, we keeps increasing our employees' qualifications and developing their knowledge, both theoretical and practical. All this ensures to the highest quality level of our workmanship.

Our Company in Numbers

0 Years
more than 28 years of experience
in the construction industry.
more than 530
employees in Muniak Group
more than 1300
completed projects
in Sweden and Poland
more than 100

History of Our Company

  • 2017
    The Muniak Group achieved record turnover at 125 m PLN. Muniak in both Sweden and Poland employed almost 500 people at the year’s end.
  • 2016
    We have more than 300 qualified employees working in both Sweden and Poland and a full portfolio of contracts.
    We look forward to new challenges…
  • 2015
    We are building the biggest cinema in Sweden at the Mall of Scandinavia. We are joined by 20 new employees and decided to change our name. We are Muniak Sverige AB.
  • 2014
    a year of many interesting projects: Volkswagen Stockholm, Optimera Göteborg and Kv Radarflyget
  • 2013
    further development of our company in Sweden - we employ
  • 2012
    we are carrying out raw state works in the provincial archive building in Göteborg
  • 2011
    Muniak i Synowie AB company with its office in Borås, a daughter company of Muniak Polska, launches its operation
  • 2010
    the companies in Sweden and Poland employ totally 100 personnel
  • 2007
    Mariusz Urysiak, the future president of Muniak PL, joins the company
  • 2004
    we are starting our adventure on the Swedish market
  • 1993
    our first projects for commercial clients in Warsaw are completed
  • 1991
    Tomasz Muniak establishes the company